I like you. I don’t like you. Ouh! I like you too!

... And now we LoL xD

... And now we LoL xD

“OMG!!  This text is BLUE!!”  –  Marty on his first attempt at a website

Today, for a morning exercise, the class has been told to type in our blogs!  It’s nothing unfamiliar to me.  The task is to find two websites that we like, and write a paragraph about what you like about them, for each one.  We are to do the same for two websites that we dislike.  This should be fun!

The first website that I like is Google.com!!  I like Google.com because of the fact that it’s helped me find information/images/links to, pretty much, everything I’ve had to look up.  It’s used widely, these days, and it’s a very useful search engine.  I love you Google!!

The second website that I like is WordPress.com!!  I like WordPress.com because it allows me a chance to type up a lot of things that have gone through my head that day.  Today’s not a good day to type, so everything’s short.  AHH!!

A website that I dislike would have to be Twitter.com  It’s not exactly the best social networking in the world.  The website’s structure is just… appauling.  They pretty much took Facebook’s worst property, and made it the main thing.  In fact… The only thing.

Another website that I dislike is NewGrounds.com  The stockroom of useless, dumb, fail-prone flash games and clips.  I have to say that the design for it looks nice, and flows well, but the site itself is just full of no-life, internet-superheroes.

I don’t have much to say today.  Let’s end it there!


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