Blog Entry – Task Four

Come up with the following:

  • a list of tasks for things that can be done online now.
  • a wish list for the internet ( What would you like to be able to do?)
  • A list of things that can be done on the internet.

    • Talk to friends on MSN (Windows Live Messenger) or AIM (America Instant Messaging).
    • Watch and upload videos through Youtube.
    • Keep up to date with the latest information on topics you’re interested in with Forums.
    • Learn about new products that are releasing from your favourite company.
    • Watch your favourite television shows online by downloading or streaming them.
    • Read manga or comics online/watch anime.
    • Learn of new movies that are being released as well as music.
    • Play flash games on websites and earn prizes on some.
    • Enter online compititions.
    • Stream live videos through the use of your webcam.

    My wish list for the internet:

    • To be able to enter the internet in the form of an avatar, where you can roam the web and treat it as though you were taking a trip to the local mall.
    • Step into a virtual world that has been set up in the style of a game, and play the game as though you were in it.
    • Instant Travel.  To be able to set a destination, and, through the internet, convert your body into electrons, and send yourself to another “internet pod” where you will regain your human form, and have been moved to another location.

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