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Blog Entry – Task Four

Come up with the following:

  • a list of tasks for things that can be done online now.
  • a wish list for the internet ( What would you like to be able to do?)
  • A list of things that can be done on the internet.

    • Talk to friends on MSN (Windows Live Messenger) or AIM (America Instant Messaging).
    • Watch and upload videos through Youtube.
    • Keep up to date with the latest information on topics you’re interested in with Forums.
    • Learn about new products that are releasing from your favourite company.
    • Watch your favourite television shows online by downloading or streaming them.
    • Read manga or comics online/watch anime.
    • Learn of new movies that are being released as well as music.
    • Play flash games on websites and earn prizes on some.
    • Enter online compititions.
    • Stream live videos through the use of your webcam.

    My wish list for the internet:

    • To be able to enter the internet in the form of an avatar, where you can roam the web and treat it as though you were taking a trip to the local mall.
    • Step into a virtual world that has been set up in the style of a game, and play the game as though you were in it.
    • Instant Travel.  To be able to set a destination, and, through the internet, convert your body into electrons, and send yourself to another “internet pod” where you will regain your human form, and have been moved to another location.

    Keep Smiling~

    Oh.. my... God.. xD

    Oh.. my... God.. xD

    “How deaf would you have to be to not hear that?”

    “Very.”  –  Marty and sister

    I’ve been too lazy for WordPress lately.  It’s about time I started up again, huh?!

    My baby brother woke me up, just now, and I suddenly felt like I should make a blog entry.  See…  Whenever my baby brother cries, and he’s been crying for a little while (with no one going to see what’s wrong with him) I’ll go and see what the problem is.  The thing is…  He’s a baby, I have NO idea as to what he wants!  He’s like a mute that can make a LOT of annoying noises!  So, I stumble towards my parent’s room, my vision blurred, and unable to feel anything from my left thigh down.  I walk towards my parent’s bed, where it’s no longer occupied by both my parents, but my baby brother and my mother, and I stand there, assessing the situation.  After a good few seconds of wailing, I walk to the end of the bed, climb onto it, and wiggle my way to my brother.  He’s lying there, his eyes shut tightly (I couldn’t see too well, but I’m pretty sure that he was closing them pretty tightly) holding onto his pillow, as though it were a matter of life or death, and crying.  I sat there, patting his back lightly, giving him a weak back-rub, softly saying in Chinese to not cry over and over, and I couldn’t help but want to cry with him.

    I’m not one of those people who can sit with someone, who’s crying, and not cry with them.  It’s hard to resist, but I guess it’s just something that I – and probably a lot of other people out there – just have to do.  Hearing my brother cry the way he was crying – sometimes blurting out words that my mother and I could make out – I couldn’t help but to feel that… tingle inside of me.  It shot up my spine, and back down again, and I nearly lost it.  It was ok, though.  After a short while longer of patting, stroking, and chanting softly “Sleep” in Chinese, I managed to put my baby brother to sleep again.  I sat a while longer with him, just rubbing his back even softer than before, until I was sure he wasn’t going to start crying again.  As I sat there, though, my mind began to race, as though it had been turned on again.  I started wondering, to myself, if this is what it would be like when I am to have a child of my own…

    I’m sure this is a topic that a lot of people would think about, and don’t really talk about.  Having a child of your own…  I shudder slightly on the inside when I think about this kind of thing.  Looking after baby cousins who are always so happy to see you (so happy, in fact, that they’ll literally fight over who gets a piggy-back ride first – and these little guys go for it.  They’ll start pulling hair!) is one thing, but to have your own child, and to care for your own child…  It’s a completely different thing.  I realised something, as I was just lifting my hand from my brother’s back: I have no idea as to how to raise a child.  I have no idea at all.  I don’t know the proper way to feed a child.  I don’t know how to keep a child clean in the right way.  I don’t know how to read the signs that a child may be giving when it cries.  I don’t know how to change it.  I don’t know what to do when something bad happens to it.  If I were in a situation that involved my child, obviously I’d naturally want to protect it, and make sure no harm comes to it.  That’s what males do.  We protect things.  Sure, I can protect it, but how do I keep it alive?!  I feel kind of useless because I don’t know so much.

    This should be enough for now.  I realise it’s not complete, but I’m starting to feel sleepy again.  I don’t want to lose an opportunity to fall asleep.
    Good night readers.

    A Short Entry!

    This morning was grand!  The Digital Design students learned about HTML!
    HTML (Hyper text mark-up language) is a pretty funky little thing.  In fact, without it, you wouldn’t be reading this!

    We learned about how to link pages together, and use a CSS Stylesheet.  It’s all so fun!!

    That’s it from me for today!
    Keep smiling!

    I like you. I don’t like you. Ouh! I like you too!

    ... And now we LoL xD

    ... And now we LoL xD

    “OMG!!  This text is BLUE!!”  –  Marty on his first attempt at a website

    Today, for a morning exercise, the class has been told to type in our blogs!  It’s nothing unfamiliar to me.  The task is to find two websites that we like, and write a paragraph about what you like about them, for each one.  We are to do the same for two websites that we dislike.  This should be fun!

    The first website that I like is!!  I like because of the fact that it’s helped me find information/images/links to, pretty much, everything I’ve had to look up.  It’s used widely, these days, and it’s a very useful search engine.  I love you Google!!

    The second website that I like is!!  I like because it allows me a chance to type up a lot of things that have gone through my head that day.  Today’s not a good day to type, so everything’s short.  AHH!!

    A website that I dislike would have to be  It’s not exactly the best social networking in the world.  The website’s structure is just… appauling.  They pretty much took Facebook’s worst property, and made it the main thing.  In fact… The only thing.

    Another website that I dislike is  The stockroom of useless, dumb, fail-prone flash games and clips.  I have to say that the design for it looks nice, and flows well, but the site itself is just full of no-life, internet-superheroes.

    I don’t have much to say today.  Let’s end it there!

    Seems So Strange…

    "Yep" LOL! xD

    "Yep" LOL! xD

    “Always keep the door open, so that opportunity doesn’t have to knock.”  –  Marty to Sister

    I had learned, a long time ago, that there are many ways to impress a girl.  Depending on what the personality of the girl is, you can easily impress a girl with simple things.  There are those who like to have things bought for them, there are those who just want your company, there are even those who just want you to look after them – or let them know that you can, and will.  I see guys having such hard times with girls, and I wonder why…  I know I have hard times with girls, at times, but that’s because it’s just what I observe, and what I learn, from others.  I naturally do it, because it’s just so natural to be nervous or whatever.  I slap myself out of it soon enough.  What I really don’t understand is why girls are so hard to impress, at times.  I see a guy trying to impress a girl, as much as he can, and he is shunned away with the flick of the wrist.  Why?  I’m not going to lay here, as I type this, and tell you that I can walk up to any girl, I want to, and instantly impress them.  No, it doesn’t work that way.  You want to know why it doesn’t work like that?  Girls are just so complex.  They aren’t all the same.  They aren’t all simple.  They aren’t all easy-going.  They’re very interesting people, with a mind that can easily change according to the situation they find themselves in.

    I’m 19 this year, starting on the 22nd of March, and I cannot, and will never be able to, say that I know what girls want.  The same goes for the meaning of love – or even understanding love.  I can, however, wonder to myself, or aloud, why there are so many men out there that cannot seem to talk to the people they find attractive.  I’ve seen my friends stutter at the sight of their crushes.  I’ve known of people who are so silent around their crushes that you’d think they were mutes.  I’ve found myself sitting there, next to the person I crushed on, and not being able to get anything out of my mouth.  How is it possible that that one person – whoever it may be for you – can create such unease in one’s body, one’s mind, one’s heart?  How?

    I heard a quote from my friend the just the other day, which led me to think more into this – which is why I’m typing this segment – and I’ve still yet to come to a conclusion.  I was, really, hoping that, by typing it all out, I could come to a conclusion with my readers.  We’ll just have to see what time brings.  The quote, if you’re wondering, was “Don’t let someone become a priority in your life, when you are just an option for them.”  Now that is something to make you think, eh?  Why let someone become important to you, when you are just.. a “just” for them?  (By a “just”, I mean the person who is just your friend, or just someone from work, or just another person.  You get it?)  Yes, you can say that that person, for you, is important, because you feel that they could, potentially, be your partner.  Yes, you can think about that person all day long, while you’re doing what you do, because you are so infatuated with them.  But, don’t you start to revolve your world around them.  My interpretation of this quote is pretty simple, but thought out: It doesn’t say that you aren’t supposed to think of them.  It doesn’t say that you aren’t supposed to set yourself a goal that includes them in it.  It doesn’t say that you can’t be nervous around them.  What it does say is, however, that, if you should find yourself ‘accidentally’ bumping into them, it’s not going to do you any good if you are so addicted to this person that you begin making your day suit their timetable, you’ve got a problem.

    Who’s to say that they feel the same way?  Who’s to say that they actually want to talk to you?  Who’s to say that they think about you also?  No one.  Why put yourself in a position where you are open to heart break?  No, I’m not saying that people should start closing themselves off, and not trying to make themselves worthy of being liked by their crushes.  What I’m saying is that there is a point where you can step over a ‘line’ when it comes to being attracted to another person.  If you should find yourself crossing said line, you may want to consider taking a step – best to make it a few steps – back, and look at it again.  You’re bound to find something you didn’t see the first time.

    That was my slice of advice, from one Marty to the world.  It’s about time I typed about today.  Today was a nice day, sunny, with a slight breeze.  There was much to do, and, as the time keeps flying by us so fast, not as much time as I’d like to do it in.  The day started with my lateness, as I walked into the room where our class would usually go on a Wednesday – the Art Room.  I walked in to be greeted by Abby, our Pro Technician on campus.  Jamin and John were also in the room, doing their Art Timeline – something that we had been split into groups to achieve.  Abby told Chris – who was also late, as he was still feeling unwell from the day before – and I that most of the class had headed towards the library, to do their own individually directed studies.  Taking the lead, I began walking towards the library with Chris following.  The library isn’t just any other school library.  It is, in fact, a professionally designed library, with a plentiful amount of books and resources suitable for a full campus of students.  There are cubicles where students may book out for studying purposes, and a good amount of computers to do research on the internet.

    Arriving at the library, we met up with our classmates, who were sitting on the second level of the building, studying.  I noticed that there was a PSP lying on the table, and no one handling it.  I picked it up, and asked who it belonged it, finding that it was Chanelle’s PSP.  Joe and I played a few matches of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, and I played a bit more after it.  Controlling myself, I put the PSP back, into it’s case, and took out my smaller visual diary.  I had, without really knowing it, decided to work on my creature drawing.  I didn’t really draw, at that point in time, instead I walked over to the computers, where I greeted Christina and Tai, and did my research on different kinds of animals, looking out for what could work well if I had put it together.  Our task, for the Creature Design, is to create a new creature – a new species of animal.

    On Wednesday, Sue, our tutor, gave us a task to do – the Creature Design.  I’ve been thinking of what kind of creature I want to make, and I’ve come up with a few ideas.  Sad to say, there will have to be some ‘borrowing’ here and there.  The idea was to take different parts, from different animals, and combine them into one, to make a new creature.  It’s a good idea, to practice structure, and form, which is something that I know I will need to practice.  In fact, I need to practice everything… I’m not exactly the best drawer in the world, am I?  No.

    FFVII Moomba!~

    FFVII Moomba!~

    I found an image of a Moomba, a creature from Final Fantasy VIII, on the net, while I was searching for furry creatures.  When I found it, I decided to check more into Final Fantasy creatures/monsters.  I found a lot of good monsters to work from, though I need to confirm with Sue as to whether or not I’m allowed to use them in my design.  Would be pretty cool to be able to, though!  After finding it, I decided to print it out, and draw it into my smaller visual diary.  I made a good attempt at it, and it turned out to be alright-looking.  Like I said earlier, I’m not the best drawer in the world.  Drawing it took a while, and I had a break before I finished the drawing.  I’ve decided, if I am able to use the Moomba as an animal to take parts off of, that I’ll be using it’s paws, and feet, and maybe the tail.  The head, and the body/torso, can be from something else, so that I don’t end up plagerising this image.  Have to say, though, this looks so freaking cool!

    The day went on quite fast, and it was lunch time before I knew it.  For lunch, we had pizza from Dominos, which is just a little bit away.  Joe, Chanelle, Dan, and I headed towards Dominos in my car, which we clearly could not fit in well.  It was funny, to say the least.  When we got there, and ordered our pizzas, Joe decided to go for some Frozen Coke at the near by McDonalds.  Good idea, Joe!  We all had one, except for Chanelle, because she doesn’t like them.  We went back for our pizzas, and took them back to the Polytech.  We were meant to be eating with Tai and Christina, but they were no where to be found, so we went behind the computer class to sit at the tables with Tane and Shontel, and her Aunty, and shared the pizza around.  We made sure that there were a few slices left for Tai and Christina, though!

    Lunch time was over quickly, which wasn’t too much of a bonus, though the little trip was fun.  The afternoon was filled with… colour, as we continued our Colour Book assignment.  It’s easy enough to complete, though, I’d like to make my Colour Book look good.  It’s as easy as making blocks of the colour palettes you choose to use for the category, but how boring is that?  Besides, it’s not something that will get anyone to be impressed with it.  I want to let my tutors know, when they check on my work, that I’m getting somewhere.  That I’m progressing.  That I’ve got the potential, and the skills, to go far in my career after my studies!  I want to make them proud.  Corny, I know.  True though.

    Class finished, and we were let out of class a bit earlier than usual, which is nice of Abby (Thank you!)  Chanelle was walking towards the carpark where I usually park my car in, so I walked along side her and waited with her until her mother came to pick her up.  For some reason I get the feeling that she didn’t really want me to wait for her, but I’ll just forget it.  I love forgetting things!  I’ll tell you about how much I like forgetting things another time.  For now, I should stop blogging, and head to dream land.

    My day was good.  Hope your day was good too!

    Insomnia Again?..

    I wish...

    I wish...

    “…  -Sigh- …”  –  Sleepless Marty

    I finally decided to just give up on trying to sleep, and just let it hit me while I type up this blog entry.  This is terrible…  I can’t seem to sleep well – or right – during the night anymore.  I’m always waking up now and then, or I wouldn’t be able to sleep at all, during the night.  This isn’t going to do me any good for my studies.  Yes, I’m full of energy most of the time, but come the second half of the day, I’m more likely to just die down.  I guess you can think of it like the Sun’s rise and set – during the morning my energy levels seem to soar, with enthusiasm, and during the afternoon, as the sun begins it’s slow decending behind the horizon, so does my energy levels – it follows the Sun.

    I’ve only drunk coffee twice.  The first time was an accident, where I mistook the cup of coffee for another drink by not looking at what I was picking up.  The second time was years later where I decided I’ve give coffee an actual tasting  to see if I liked it.  I didn’t.  So, I’m not a coffee person, which means I won’t be relying on the warm, good smelling, cuppa in the morning/afternoon.  I’ve also found that drinking energy drinks just doesn’t work for me.  It did, at one point, but that was probably it.  Any time after that one time, I’d just end up a few dollars poorer.  So, that’s energy drinks out of the picture – they don’t even taste that great anyway.  What else could give me energy?  Perhaps I’m looking at the wrong thing.

    I know that I’m not sleeping well.  I know that, if this continues, my studies are really going to be affected by it.  I know that there’s a way to fix it – to make sleeping more satisfying than it is right now.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had this, but I wake up tired.  Do you?  I mean, I actually wake up, and think to myself “Gosh, I’m so tired…” and I just woke up!

    — As predicted, I fell asleep while typing this blog.  Now, for something completely Marty —

    Thinking back to last night, and what I actually wanted to type about, I remember, vaguely, that I had wanted to type about my realisations.  I happened to stumble across my YouTube channel, again, a few nights ago.  I don’t usually pop into my YouTube account, seeing as I just go on there when people send me links to something they found interesting, and thought I’d like.  Well, in any case, I decided I’d revisit some of the videos that are on my channel, and the one that’s positioned at the top of the channel is a video of my baby brother spinning around – he was actually dancing to the music on the TV.  As I watched it, I found that my body had actually started to tingle – it’s a tingle I haven’t felt in a while, but one I remember all too well – and my eyes began to tear up.  As it is, I don’t treat my baby brother with as much kindness as my mother, or sister would, as he always comes into my room to ruin my things.  It’s as though he’s been taught to waltz into my room, take something that looks valueable, and throw it somewhere.  He’s actually come into my room, before, and climbed onto my bed, waited for a while, then stepped on my laptop.  That’s how brutal he can be towards my property.  The thing is, though…  I’ve actually been quite mean to him, also.  Of course, he started it, but I’m turning 19 soon.  I should be more mature than what I am right now.  He’s still a baby, to this day, and “doesn’t know anything”, as my mother puts it.  Realising that I had been so mean, and immature, towards my own baby brother made me feel like utter shit.

    I felt guilty, at the least, of how I’ve been treating my brother – like a plague.  From now on, I’m a mature Marty, I’ll be the one to forgive and forget.  I’m still quite shocked at how ready I was to cry, at that moment.  To be completely honest, I’m not one to show my sadness.  I’ll be negative, or show that I’m tired, but I would never show that I’m sad.  As I say “A smile is your strongest weapon in any situation.”  To show confidence in what you are doing will be your artificial boost, if not a real boost.  This is how I am, this is what I do, this is what I go by.  Simply smiling through a conversation, or a lecture, or a growling, has helped the situation stay short and simple (be told what I’m doing wrong, and get on with it), and not grow into something big that could lead to disasters.  It’s from personal experiences that I go by what I say.  Of course, a smile isn’t going to save your life, but it sure will help out in some way.  Some way.

    On a final note, before I head off to the canteen to spend my last $2.50, I just want to thank those of you who read my blogs.  They are long, I know, and they take time to read, and there’s always so much to take in, but thank you for reading it.  Thank you for supporting this blog, and helping it grow.  Thank you.

    PS:  I’m working on other pages at the moment, also, such as my “It’s Marty” page.  They are working progresses, but please do feel free to stop by them.

    Welcome Month of March~

    ... Seriously...

    ... Seriously...

    “It’s the month you were born in, Marty.  Aren’t you excited about your birthday?”
    “No.”  –  Sister and Brother

    Tonight, we celebrate the beginning of March 2009!  It is a late celebration, but why make your own celebration on the night everyone’s celebrating?  Instead, you celebrate with them, on their celebration of March 2009 (I keep wanting to type “Marty” whenever I want to type “March”.  AHH!!), and then you celebrate some more after their one.  Yay!  So, tonight, we welcome to 2009, MARCH!!

    You must be wondering, if you ever notice the times of the blogs you read, why I’m still awake at such a time of night.  The reason is, simply, after singing practice with New Zealand Barbershop Chorus ‘Vocal FX‘, of which I am a proud Lead for, Simon said he wanted to go and play Left 4 Dead out in town.  I hadn’t seen the guy for a while, so I agreed and we headed towards town, into Old Boy, a net cafe on Te Aro, on the way to Courtney Central from Manners Mall.  It’s a great place, with nice colours, and friendly staff.  I reckon it’s the only iCafe that encourages people to eat while they play.  Why do I say this?  Old Boy and Momo Tea, a resturant located next to Rain in Courtney Central, are  – in a sense – partners.  You are able to order Momo Tea foods from Old Boy, an iCafe.  Isn’t that just the best idea EVER?  Food brought to you while you play your games?  Where do people get these great ideas from?  I need to take a swim in their minds or something!  I, at first, thought it was genius!  Now, I reckon it was a bad idea.  Yes, the computers, and most of the keyboards/mice, aren’t damaged/sticky, but the amount of rubbish left at the computers is appauling…  I help out, where I can, as I know the people who run the place, but come on…  The people who work there shouldn’t even be cleaning after these people.  They’re there to help you if you have any problems with your computer, or browsers, or anything technical.  They aren’t janitors!  I’m just really disappointed in the gamers in Wellington.  One would think that people would just walk into an iCafe as great as Old Boy, eat their food at Old Boy computers, which the staff ALLOW you to do, because they choose to trust you enough, and then, after they finish their game and – even though the leftover crap is right in front of them – just leave their rubbish there for someone else to come along to that computer and sit down to find it there.  Just sitting there.  It’s not doing anything, but it’s there, and it’s dirty, and it’s not theirs.  Thanks Mr(s). Unable-to-clean-up-after-yourself.  Much appreciated.  -Sarcasm-

    Singing, tonight, was hard work.  I’m expecting more hard work to come in the following weeks.  It’s nice, though, to know that we’re actually going to do this.  We’re going to America to compete in the International Barbershop Competition!  I feel confident, as I usually do, that we’re going to take the world by storm!  As my friend would say it “NEW ZEALAND REPRESENT!!”  I always laugh at her inside when she shouts that out, then smiles sweetly at me.  Gotta love it.  Seriously, though, Vocal FX is going through some pretty rough stuff, though I’d imagine the stuff we do is completely different to what other choruses out there do, and how they do what they do.  Very different.

    I don’t reckon that, when we head off to America for this competition, we’re only going to sing our best, and compete to represent New Zealand as a part of the Barbershop community that was spread across the globe.  I reckon it’s more for the experience of the ‘big stage’.  Getting to know how much there is out there, waiting to be heard.  I want to hear it all.  I’ll admit, now, that Barbershop, no matter how long it’s been a part of my life, isn’t something I’m really all that interested about.  I love to sing, and I don’t really care what style it is, but I’m just letting you know, in case you know me, and you think that, just because I sing all the time, I love Barbershop.  I do like the harmonies, and how there isn’t any instrumental side to it – it’s all vocal (a capella) – makes it more interesting, and more dependant on the singers to make it sound good.  It’s not easy, but that’s something I like about it.

    To be honest, I had fallen asleep while typing this entry up.  I just woke up, and I have no idea where I was going with any of the previous typings.  So, I really just wanted to welcome everyone to the month of March in 2009!  Yay!  This is the month of my birth, really.  That’s why I celebrate March – kind of.  Ok ok!  I don’t really celebrate March, but I make a note of it.  Better?  Geez -rolls eyes-  Anyway, my birthday is on the 22nd of March.  It’s sad that it’s a weekend, but it’s a Sunday, which means I’ll be able to spend it (after I do my washing and chores) just relaxing to some piano pieces I’ve found over the internet.  It’s going to be good.  I will  be looking forward to it.

    If you have something to add, like why you celebrate March – if you do – then please, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.  It’s always nice to know people are reading your blog.  Leaving a comment means a lot to the bloggers.  In a way – perhaps this is only for me – I, for one, do feel that warm fuzzy feeling in me when I see that someone has commented on a post I made.  -fuzzy feeling-

    That’s me for now.  Hope the read wasn’t too long!~

    PS:  I’m excited about going to class today!  Should be fun, and hard work, what with the work on the colour book I’ll be doing.  Singing, and the games after it, made me unable to do my colour book at home, which has dragged my down a bit, but I’m amazing, so I’ll catch up in no time.  Time to dash!